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Peripheral Visions

21 short fiction stories arising from Robert Flanagan's extensive travels and varied experiences.


Soft Cover, 364 pages   $10.00
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Reviews Of Peripheral Visions

"The reader who picks up Peripheral Visions can look forward to a vivid and memorable series of tours, both tours of duty and tours for pleasure.  With a natural authority that makes us trust our narrators without feeling condescended to, Flanagan guides us through foreign settings and cultures ranging from Vietnam to Ethiopia, Germany, Italy and Morocco, and to seldomly visited pockets of the United States.  Adrenaline-charged and intense, these stories offer loads of suspense, but not at the expense of complex character development and rich descriptive writing.  A fine first story collection by a writer who has taken a full and unusual life and successfully transformed parts of it into art.

—Ann Pancake, author of "Given Ground"

"Robert Flanagan's Peripheral Visions is a collection of superb stories that makes a welcome addition to the literature of the Vietnam war, giving one more perspective to a war that can only be understood from multiple perspectives.  In many stories the author adeptly captures, specifically, the way the mind handles time when the body faces imminent death.  Flanagan's characters often reveal huge chunks of their backgrounds—long stretches of time—in a few moments of actual time progression, in the tradition of Laurence Sterne.

—Craig Etchison, author of Vietnam Snapshots: Stories of a Conflict; Maine Man; The Life and Times of a Downeaster; and The World Weaver"