Book cover of Adventures in Hell, writings by Viet Nam veterans

Adventures In Hell


A collection of short fiction, memoirs, poetry and articles about the Viet Nam War by Viet Nam Veterans. Stories never told before, some brewing for over twenty years:  Powerful first-person accounts, compelling short stories, poetry, memoirs, a novel excerpt about a sniper, a long short story about a pacifist medic turned brutal killer by exposure to a crazy war.  This volume contains voices of real experience, from authors who infuse the pain, tears, and courage of war into their tales. Robert Flanagan's short story, "Green on Green." and two poems open the book.

Paperback (255 pages)    $10.00
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Adventures in Hell: Volume I; David Andersen, Editor and Publisher, Ritz Press, 1990

Andersen was a Navy hospital corpsman in a Marine line company (Fox 2/3) in the DMZ, 1968-69.  For twenty years he has been a professional writer and editor, utilizing publications as tools in public relations and marketing communications projects.


“Andersen’s book presents a side of the Vietnam War unjustly neglected in other Vietnam War literature.  Adventures in Hell presents voices never heard before.  Even the voice of Robert Flanagan, author of many short stories and fine poetry, speaks here in a new, fresh voice.  The short vignette from his novel-in-progress (ultimately, The ASA Trilogy) provoked a great hunger in me for the rest of the work.”

—David A. Wilson, author REMF Diary

"This is an important and welcome collection of new voices in the Vietnam literature. The seletion shows both informed background and sound judgement on the part of the editor."

—John Newman, Professor, Colorado State University;
                          Curator, Vietnam War Literature Collection

Anderson is bringing you an uncensored and unadulterated vision of the longest and most controversial war America fought this century ... These stories are raw and painful in the same way that combat is ..."

—John F. Stetter, Director, Texas A&M University Press