author Robert Flanagan

About Connemara Press

Bob’s living accommodations have changed but his works retain all their original vitality.  Connemara Press provides the umbrella structure for a variety of books and other writings by Robert Flanagan, who was, for 19 years, a columnist for The Hampshire Review newspaper, Romney, W.Va., and wrote many guest columns for the Winchester Star, of that city in Virginia.

Bob Flanagan spent 38 years living in exotic and not-so-exotic ports of call around the world. After a military career in two services (both the United States Marines and the United States Army), a span of years with high-tech corporations, and various stints as a college English/Literature/Writing Instructor, policeman, insurance investigator, steel mill roustabout, salesman, as well as a variety of lesser-interest jobs, he finally made the transition to the one thing he had been in pursuit of all along—full time writing, with all its attendant risks and, hopefully too, a modicum of its rewards.

In addition to his newspaper columns, Flanagan has published dozens of short stories, articles, poems, book reviews and interviews.  The previous six books listed herein since 2011 have recently been supplemented by the addition of two books of poetry, and are now available through this site along with “The ASA Trilogy,” the two collections of selected newspaper columns, and the collection of short fiction.

All three books of The ASA Trilogy are available on this website.